Monday, 25 May 2015

Dave and Jackie's Wedding

It was a beautiful day out on the day of Dave and Jackie's wedding. I had the privilege of photographing each of the three (previously) Martens women on there special day. Each wedding appeared to be flawless however, the night before this particular wedding I had a baby with the flu bug just waiting for the perfect moment to pass it on to me, and that moment arrived not long after the 'I Do's'. We had arrived at Backus Mill to start the wedding party photos when my stomach took a turn for the worst and I had to run for the bushes as I was about to lose my lunch. Wedding photography is unfortunately one of those jobs that you can't call in sick. With a little prayer I was able to power through the rest of the wedding party photos, and thank goodness my wonderful husband is also a photographer and was able to take over for me for the reception. I was very blessed to have a kind and understanding wedding party to photograph,what a great group of people. The photos also turned out great despite me being under the weather, here is a sample of the day in photos. Enjoy!  

Dave patiently waiting with a few tears in his eyes as his bride walks up the isle

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