Friday, 14 June 2013

Aaron and Leah and.... we have to wait to find out!

These are my good friends Aaron and Leah and their soon to be first born. The setting is at their new home (in the middle of renovations) As you can see the grass has not yet been cut! That just makes it more fun right? Please enjoy their maternity photo shoot.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Steven and Tamara's Wedding Day Photo Highlights

Steven and Tamara were married on May 25th 2013 at Tamara's mom's house. It was a nice intimate setting  with a lovely breeze. I'm sure that everyone that attended the rehearsal was especially grateful for the breeze on the wedding day, because of all of the mosquito and black-fly swatting that went on during rehearsal.

I'd have to say that Tamara was to her credit the calmest bride I have had the pleasure of working with yet. She knew how to roll with the punches. The first crises happened when the bridesmaids tried on their dresses, not one, not two but  five of the bridesmaids dresses blew their zippers. The zippers just came right off of the dresses with the exception of the maid of honor who had customized the back of her dress in advance. But did Tamara lose her cool nope! Not even for a moment did terror seize her 'just sew them up in their dresses'! So that is exactly what they did as you can see from this and the next photo it was a team effort. 
(busy sewing girls into their dresses)
The next hiccup in the day came when the bridesmaids tried to finish arranging their bouquets, a bunch of the lilies meant for the arrangements had not opened so they were steaming them and trying to coax the stubborn lilies to open. When that didn't work they tried using a hair dryer to open them with its warmth, unfortunately this didn't work either and it burnt the flowers in the process. Tamara didn't even bat an eye 'we will just use the remaining flowers and have smaller bouquets'.    

(No they are not flipping you the bird, they are proudly displaying their ring fingers.)

All in all a great day congrats Steve and Tamara!
Happily Ever After