Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Couples Photos

On Saturday May 21st I was at Holly and Rob Raymond's Wedding. It has been quite awhile since I have been invited to a wedding that I am not photographing, so it was a nice change, however I couldn't possibly go to such an event without bringing my camera. During the in-between time of the wedding and reception there were a few of us that came quite early to the reception, not knowing the area well enough to poke around without getting lost. So we decided to amuse ourselves by taking some photos, or rather me taking photos while they posed for me so without further delay here they are!

Family Photo Session

Here are a few photos from my most recent family photo session. They were taken at a 50th Anniversary celebration.

Final Portrait Class

 In this last class we went to Peace Park in Cobourg we were going to photograph larger groups of people, unfortunately we did not get very many people out so instead we worked a little on posing here are the results.

This is a photo of the portrait photography instructor illustrating the importance of giving your subjects direction. Otherwise you may end up with photos like this!

Or this!

Instead of this.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mariah the newest member of the Wiebe family!

Here is Mariah, the new baby! Isn't she cute. I also go to use a new prop in this photo shoot, a tiny little tutu. During my last trip back home I also snapped a few photos of another cutie, her sister Elisa. Here are the results.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Model Photography Shoot

In class 3 of Portraiture Photography we had to instruct a model in a photo shoot and choose our location around the school. Here are some of the photos I took for this session. Fortunately I did not have to worry about lighting because it was a cloudy day with perfect diffused even lighting, every photographers dream. I wish that I would see this kind of lighting more often when I am shooting a wedding it certainly would make my job a lot easier.

Today I also found out that I have a brand new little niece, when I see her this coming weekend I hope to take lots of lovely photos and share them with you! I hope to also be showcasing a new prop made by Melissa Heinrichs. For more about her creations please visit Well that's all for today, talk to you later!