Monday, 17 October 2011

Wedding #3 Photo Booth

Something new that I added this year was the photo booth. The photo booth acts as the coolest form of guest book that there is! What my photo booth offers is fun for your guests, since they get to dress up in goofy accessories, and fun for the bride and groom looking back at all of there guests dressed in silly accessories. The guests write a note to the bride and groom in the photo album that I provide and then later their photo gets inserted beside their comment, making it the funnest form of guest book around. Here are some examples of some photo booth photos at Jen and Rob's wedding.

Wedding #3

Wedding #3 Jenn and Rob had a lovely outdoor wedding at their home in Warsaw that they built themselves. There was lovely fall colours and warm sun. It was a great day for a wedding. Please enjoy the photos of the day!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Wedding #2

Well this is some of Barb and Mike's wedding photos. They had a very beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. There couldn't be a more enthusiastic bride giggling and jumping up and down with excitement. Here are some of photo highlights of their BIG day!