Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Jonas at 14 months

Here are a few photos of Jonas when he was 14 months old. Always a cutie!

Jonas and I did a selfie! 

Jonas's First Haircut

Jonas had his first haircut awhile back and it had a rocky start because Jonas had just woke up from a nap. It ended well however, with a smile on his face.


Here are a few photos of my handsome nephew who will be turning one very soon!

Tub Time!

'I don't know you think we can make it over the side?'

'I think we can make it!'

Family photos

It was great to see Tamara and Steve again! I photographed this fun couple on there big day. It is great to see your family growing too! Congrats.

Hanna-Jane Turned One

Happy Birthday Hanna Jane, we had a fun time with you! I have never seen anyone so into their Birthday cake!

Hanna Jane doing some push ups before eating cake. Lookin' good!

Oops did I get a little cake on my outfit?

Ahhhh! The cake just jumped off my plate!

Jeremy and Suzy Family Photos

We had lovely warm weather for this photo shoot which originally called for 1 degree. We missed the fall foliage but it was still beautiful backdrops at Millennium Park. What a great family!