Sunday, 25 March 2012

Easter is just around the bend!

Hello again, I invite you to look at my latest photos from this weekend's Easter Mini-Session. First meet Ayden, quite the little character, but he was great with the bunny- nice and gentle for a little boy his age.

Then we meet Emma, Ayden's older cousin. Though she was a little shy at first it didn't take her to long to come out of her shell.

These two kids worked great together, it was evident that they were good buddies!

Meet Wynter, a two year old that follows directions with great willingness, very rare! Wynter did a great job in her photo shoot. She made my job easy by being the little cutie she was.

What a card, Wynter even tried to help by making up her own poses!

Great job everyone, and Happy Easter! Please join me here again for more photos next week, with one last day of Easter mini-sessions.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Easter mini sessions

Here is Luke the Easter bunny and all of his bunny friends. I did a quick mini session with Luke just in time for Easter. He even managed to muster up a few bunny smiles for his session. I still have a few days available for my Easter mini sessions in time for Easter. My sessions are approximately 30 min long and you receive a disk with 5 absolutely adorable photos of your little guy or girl for only $40, and you can make as many prints as you want. Please phone (705) 639-2664 or email to book an appointment for this weekend. Your little one will get to pet a real live mild mannered bunny (Mr. Buns)

Here is Jude with a real live Easter bunny (we call him Mr. Buns)

Jude was very excited to feed the bunny a carrot, it's not everyday one meets the Easter bunny!

This is a freshly hatched Luke looking very content as usual

Happy Easter!

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Here are the rest of the party photos. We had a ton of fun playing with the balloons and confetti. Please enjoy the fun photos. Also I have included a bunny photo teaser for Easter. Easter is almost here, and I am available for Easter photo sessions.

This is Baby Luke the Easter Bunny. Hop Hop Hop!