Thursday, 19 February 2015

cowboy Jonas

Well it is time to update the Jonas blog! Here are some photos of my little handsome boy, and also here is a little shameless promotion of my sister's wonderful sewing skills. She made the wonderful little cowboy vest that Jonas is wearing in the photos, ($23) I get so many compliments and 'oh he is soooo cute' when he is out on the town wearing this. Melissa from 'the red bow tie' makes so many great things for Jonas and other little cuties to wear, so if you are looking for something unique to purchase for a baby shower or a little ones upcoming birthday you should give her a try, she makes many custom orders!

'You lookin' at me!?'

Jonas is getting ready for his first real trip, he is going to have his first real airplane ride, and he is getting all packed up to go!

The only time I don't mind getting my picture taken is with this cutie!

I've been slimed by a Jonas kiss

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