Sunday, 8 July 2012

I'm back!

I'm back into the wedding swing of things. Here is a lovely couple that I know personally, Mike and Sarah. Mike is my cousin, and it was a little chilly out June 2 2012 but it was still a lovely day for a wedding! Here are a few photos from their big day!

The wedding party scrounged up any blankets they could find to warm up when they weren't getting their photo taken and sometimes when they were.

No it is not a blanket made of tin foil! It is an emergency blanket out of someones vehicle.

Someone doesn't know how to tie his own tie!

Nice green shoes.


  1. Heather!!! You did a great job on the weddings pics. amazing photographer!!!!!!! where were you when we got

  2. love the kids wrapped in an emerg blanket! and the picture of the guys trying to tie the tie!