Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hello Again!

Hello again, here is yet another entry on my blog with more photos of Jude! I should almost rename my blog Heather Wiebe Photography photos of Jude. My next entry however, will be wedding photography, I have three wedding coming up all very close to one another so I should have plenty of photos for my blog! The photos I have today are from Labor day weekend. I was home visiting my family and can't resist of course to snap some photos of two cuties, Jude and Elisa. I also got a few photos of my dad at the bay fest parade. I hope you enjoy this weeks selection!
What a cute spaghetti face!

Jude waiting to see grandpa riding his tractor in the parade.

A very long legged man in the parade.

Dad waving to all of his adoring fans.

Dad -returning the tractor back to home sweet home

What a card!

Oh Natural!

I tried to get a nice photo of Jude in the wash tub, but he washed his hands of that!


What a great helper Jude is picking up all the apples.

Look at all those apples.

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